School of Textile

School of Textile  纺织学院

Programs include Textiles Design,Dyeing-Finishing Technology, Modern Textile Technology, Textiles Testing andTrade, High Polymer Material Application Technology, and EnvironmentalMonitoring and Treatment, among which Textiles Design, Dyeing and ModernTextile Technology are Characteristic Program of Jiangsu Province, and TextilesDesign, Dyeing-Finishing Technology, Modern Textile Technology, and TextilesTesting and Trade are Key Program of Jiangsu Province. In the department thereare 50 teachers including 5 professors and 7 doctors. Many courses are listedas national or provincial Excellent Course. It is equipped with advancedinstruments for teaching and scientific research. Three important teaching andpractice platforms are built there, which are Jiangsu Provincial HigherVocational Textile Innovation Training Base, Jiangsu Provincial ProcessingCenter for Functional Fibers and Products and Changzhou Key Laboratory of NewType Textile Material.

Website (Chinese):

International Exchange Office Changzhou Vocational Institute of Textile and Garment No. 53 Gehu Road Changzhou Jiangsu, 213164 People's Republic of China




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